Wasp Metal Polishing Ltd.

Metal Polishing Services

Motorcycle, Car & General Metal Polishing

Wasp metal polishing ltd is happy to polish anything, including:

  • Bike wheels
  • Crank cases
  • Callipers
  • Swinging arms

If its on a bike and you want it polished we would be happy to do it.

Car parts, same again. If its on it we can polish it.

We even have a lady that brings all her brass ornaments to use to be polished before Christmas.

We have recently been helping a gentleman to restore all the brass fittings on a classic boat.

We have even polished a big stainless table.

Aluminium brass stainless.

Brake callipers

We cut back all the scale and mirror polished.



We do lots of rims. These were for a Mercedes
(We also need the tires removed)

Polishing a wheel all over is very time consuming
(we also need the tires removed)

Fire Place Surround

Before and after shot of a brass fire place surround.

Motorcycle Swing Arm

Again mirror polished top face and sides we did not polish the underside or the inside. That’s not to say we couldn’t if we were ask to.


Stainless steel look nice when polished cost around

Lambretta brake hubs

To be honest these do look very nice when polished but they are expensive to  do its because of all the corners and different angles

Bike Frame

To polish a bike we must have every part removed.


Cam Cover

Very time consuming do look lovely when done though.

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