Wasp Metal Polishing Ltd.

Metal Polishing Services

Industrial Metal Polishing

Wasp metal polishing is able to offer internal and external metal polishing.

  • Offering a surface finish below a 0.4 ra
  • Competent in weld removal weld dress or weld discoloration
  • We can sateen finish
  • Brush finish
  • Mirror polish

We are well equipped to polish stainless aluminium and brass.

Wasp can and have polished items that you can stand in down to items that fit in your pocket.

Window Frames

Stainless steel window frames this picture shows how you can form a miter on the corners

After weld removal.


Vessel on Lorry

On this large vessel we removed all welds and polished the internal finish to below a 0.8 Ra

Mirror Polished Table Top

This table top was spun so we cut it back to remove lines and then mirror polished.


Project Name

The housing that you see has been mirror polished internally to achieve a 0.4 Ra with all welds removed.

The external has been polished to a 0.8 Ra with all welds left in.


On this trolley all welds were removed and the complete item has been mirror polished


Pharmaceutical head

This has been polished in all the ports and internal face to achieve a 0.4 Ra with all machining lines removed.

The external has also had all machine line removed and polished to a 0.8 Ra.

Boat winches

The drums have been mirror polished on the lip after electro polishing.


We mirror polished all over these letters even getting in to all the tight corners.

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